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Hollis Ireland

Age: 24

Physical Attributes: Small. Pale. Redheaded. No tattoos

Wishlist: Just ask. I have a million different sex toys, corsets, lingerie and weird stuff that I can't afford myself. ;)

Location: Tampa, FL

Favorite Things: Gunther von Hagens, Joel-Peter Witkin, H. R. Giger, Alex Gray, Ufos, Cemetaries, the Paranormal, Lsd, Marijuana, Sex shops, the Adult Entertainment Industry, Lingerie, Sex Toys, Fetish fashion, Funeral homes, Gore, Independent films, Camping, Horror films, Latex, Palm trees, the Outdoors, Cats, the Cello, Corsets, Taxidermy, Ferrets, the Ocean, Nature

About Me: Eclectic. Eccentric. Taboo. Don't let my girl-next-door looks fool you. A strange and interesting lady resides inside this normal-looking body. I like taxidermy, horror films, Halloween, and anything that captivates while disturbing or offending at the same time.

Sets featuring Hollis Ireland


Leather Bound

           What could be better than a smoldering hot red head in leather?  Hollis stripping out of her bra and panties to show you all of her naughty bits.

Holy Thigh Highs

             The door is closed on this green room, as the fiery redhead Hollis Ireland gives you plenty of reasons to pray to get closer to her thighs.  Take a peek in this room and find out why n Read more »

So Fuckin Classy

             In a society that has all but forgot what class is, Hollis Ireland redefined it and is showing her own meaning of class.  Watch out, though she may hurt you if you forget your manners.

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